Fromm P329 Portable Friction Weld Handheld Strapping Tool

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  • Tensions 112 - 900 lbs
  • Includes 1 battery & a charger
  • Accepts 5/8" or 3/4" width strapping
  • Accepts .026 - .053 thick strapping
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Includes 1 Battery and a Charger

The Fromm P329 portable strapping tool uses heavy duty friction seals to securely fasten irregular shaped loads and other items to pallets for safe keeping during shipping. The P329 is a lightweight tool (9.6 lbs.) that can strap faster and has a wider range of tensioning strength available (up to 900 lbs of tension). This strapping tool does a great job of securing all loads, no matter the size or weight!

Each tool comes standard with 1 battery and a charger and is backed by a 1-year warranty. An additional cattery can be purchased to eliminate any possibility of downtime when a load needs to be securely banded to a pallet.

Are you unsure whether or not this tool is the correct solution for your needs? Give one of our packaging experts a call at 800.826.4405 for a personal recommendation as well as a list of common repair parts to keep on hand for as little downtime as possible.

Repairs for the Fromm P329 hand banding tool are available from our factory trained technicians and in most cases, tool repair turnaround is fast and easy. Give us a call at 800.826.4405 for more details.

Strapping Tool Range

  • Accepts 5/8" or 3/4" width strapping
  • Accepts .016 - .053 thick strapping


  • 18 volt lithium-ion battery takes 80 minutes to charge and will provide approximately 300 strapping cycles before needing to be recharged.
  • Easy strap threading allows for 1 handed use, so the P329 can efficiently tension, seal, and then cut the strapping all in one smooth motion.
  • 2 powerful 18-volt brushless motors power the tool, 1 for tensioning, and 1 for sealing & cutting.
  • Brushless motors over the life of the tool will require less maintenance and improve the life of the tool.
  • The base of the tool houses a user friendly charge indicator and a rubberized cover for drop protection.
  • Can be used with 5/8" or 3/4" polypropylene or polyester strapping that is either plain or embossed.
  • Operator controlled tension adjustment lever can easily be adjusted on the fly to ensure the proper strap tension to maintain the product and packaging integrity.
  • Adjustable sealing/welding time for high sealing efficiency, consistently sealing at approximately 75% of strap breaking strength.


Operating Weight (lbs) 9.6
Manufacturer Fromm
Brand Fromm
Manufacturer SKU P329
Rocket Part Number (RP#) 138979 - Tool (5/8" x 0.26 to .041)
138982 - Tool (3/4" x 0.26 to .041)
138983 - Tool (3/4" x 0.42 to .053)
128304 - Battery
104401 - Charger
Warranty 1 year
Accessories Included Battery & Charger
Recharging Time 80 minutes
Tension Range 112 - 900 lbs.



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