Nessco L-Clip Carton Sealer

  • Nessco 200
  • Clips tape edge of case
  • Uses nearly ANY tape!
  • Great for telescoping and chipboard boxes
  • Made in the USA:
    Support American Workers
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The Nessco L-Clip carton sealer is perfect for applications that only require a strip of tape on the edge of a box for closure. This unique carton sealer 'clips' the top and bottom edge of a box together with a strip of tape, securing it for movement or shipment. The L-Clip works with nearly any kind of tape you can thread through the tape heads from 3/8" all the way up to a 6" tape (optional upgrade).

Simply push the edge you want sealed (clipped together with tape) up against the 2 pressure plates and the Nessco L-Clip Carton Sealer does the rest!

Standard Features:

  • All pneumatic
  • Comes complete with stand
  • Standard 2 inch tape head
  • Handles boxes as narrow as 3 inches
  • Works with all types of tape
  • Double plate activation for safety



  • 31 - 34 inch total height with stand
  • 34 - 37 inch height with casters
  • 21 inch x 27 inch table size
  • Works with minimum 3/8" tape up to 6" tape
    (optional upgrade)


Optional Accessories:

  • Casters
  • Drop in table mount
  • Ball tables for heavy boxes
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Retrofit kits for narrower than 3/8" widths
  • 3", 4", and 6" tape head upgrades


Manufacturer Nessco
Brand Nessco
Manufacturer SKU L-CLIP
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 124868
Dimensions 27" L x 21" W x (31-36)" H
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Maximum Box Height Unlimited
Maximum Box Length Unlimited
Maximum Box Width 3.25"
Minimum Box Height 3.25"
Minimum Box Length 3.25"
Minimum Box Width 3.25"
Pneumatics Electric over pneumatic
Sealer Type L-Clip
Tape Head Width 2" - Standard



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