Nelson 60" Stand Up Hand Wrap Dispenser (Holds 11" - 20" Stretch Wrap Rolls)

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Eliminate back pain & Injury
  • Gold Medal Winner:
    It's THAT Awesome!
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    With the nelson wrap dispenser you can wrap any size load without having to strain your body. For short loads you don't need to bend over; for tall loads there's no need to stretch because of the dispensers long handle.

    You can get a very tight wrap with the tension control plus break. The break is located right by the operators hand for ease of access during use. This Stretch Wrap Dispenser is made from self oiling UMPW for smooth actions.

    The Nelson Wrap Dispenser can handle Stretch Film rolls from 11" to 20" in length and weighs around 3.25 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Wrap Any Type of Pallet
  • Keep a Natural Position While Wrapping to Reduce Back Stress
  • Allows for a Better and Tighter Wrap Every Time
  • Easy Comfortable Grip
  • Extremely Lightweight for Anyone to use!
  • Modular Design Allows For Quick Cylinder Exchange
  • Hand Brake System for Tight Wraps Tension Control
  • Smooth Reliable Action with Self Oiling UHMPW Material


  • Length – 59"
  • Weight – 3 lb
  • Handles 11" - 20" Rolls of Stretch Film


Manufacturer Nelson
Brand Nelson
Manufacturer SKU NWD-1
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 110470



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