Intertape 63 Gauge Stretch Wrap - 40 Rolls x 5000'

  • 63 gauge
  • 40 rolls per pallet
  • 20" x 5,000' per roll
  • 250% max prestretch
  • Free Shipping:
    Anywhere in Continental US
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This pallet of Intertape 63-gauge stretch wrap comes with 40 rolls that are 5,000 feet long. Use this film if wrapped loads contact each other to prevent damage and pallets from sticking together. This stretch wrap offers more tear and puncture resistance than SF1. Free shipping on 1-pallet of stretch wrap to any location in the continental United States! This stretch wrap has exceptional puncture resistance for wrapping irregular loads while retaining high pre-stretch levels. These 5,000-foot rolls are cost-effective and maximize the number of pallets you can wrap-per-roll.


  • This film handles high-speed machine film applications over 25 RPM and stretches to 250%.
  • Use this 55 gauge film for loads under 1,200 lbs.
  • One-sided cling prevents pallets from sticking together.
  • Arrows on the film core ensure the roll is loaded correctly into stretch wrap machines, so the non-cling layer faces outside.
  • Excellent load retention reduces film usage.
  • Exceptional puncture resistance allows for the wrapping of irregular loads while retaining the highest pre-stretch.
  • Its high tear resistance protects loads from the rigors of shipping.
  • This cast film unwinds quietly to eliminate the distracting noise other films generate.
  • Exceptional clarity allows for easy product recognition, electronic scanning, and a clean product appearance.


Manufacturer IPG
Brand IPG
Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer SKU HO1602000-V5
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 118774
Package Quantity 40
Grade Machine
Roll Width 20"
Roll Length 5,000'
Gauge 63
Color Clear



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