Eagle 2000A Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

  • Wraps up to 30 loads per hour
  • 59" diameter turntable
  • 5000 lbs max load capacity
  • 87" max wrap height
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The Eagle 2000A semi-automatic stretch wrapper has a turntable with a soft start/stop that resets itself automatically after wrapping each load. This stretch wrapper comes standard with a photo eye that automatically recognizes height load, creating a more efficient wrap cycle that requires minimal operator interaction.

Please note: The included photo eye does not recognize loads with black products, metal drums, or unusual voids.


  • Wraps up to 30 loads per hour
  • Max load size: 55" W x 55" L x 87" H
  • Max load weight: 5,000 lbs
  • Mechanical pre-stretch
  • Semi-automatic or manual operation
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • LC display with integrated controls
  • Automatic load-height sensor (ALHS)
  • Soft start/stop turntable
  • Handles A, B, and C pallet load profiles


Packaged Weight (lbs) 1600
Operating Weight (lbs) 1295
Manufacturer Berran
Brand Eagle
Manufacturer SKU 2000A
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 130991
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Turntable Diameter 59"
Max Load Size 55" x 55"
Weight Capacity 5,000 lbs
Max Wrap Height 87"
Max Load Per Hour 30
Pre-Stretch Setting N/A
Machine Speed 0 - 12 RPM
Power Requirements 110V
Dimensions 96.5" L x 59" W x 99" H
Warranty 3 years (parts)



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