Eagle 1000BWS Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper with Built-In Scale

  • Up to 20 Loads Per Hour
  • 55" x 55" Max Load Size
  • 3500# Load Capacity
  • 87" Stretch Wrap Height
  • 250% Max Prestretch
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This Eagle 1000BWS is a semi-automatic stretch wrapper for medium duty applications. It comes with a powered prestretch carriage that can stretch your film up to 250%, maximizing your cost efficiency on pallets wrapped going out the door. This unit also comes with a built-in scale in the turntable, meaning you can weigh your pallets as they are wrapped. This can often eliminate additional steps of having to weigh your pallet after wrapping & free up limited warehouse space as a stand alone scale is no longer needed.

Classified as a semi-automatic unit, the 1000BWS comes standard with a ALHS (Auto Load-Height Sensor) photo eye height sensor that detects the height of each pallet being wrapped. This removes any manual interaction from the operator, making this a semi-automatic stretch wrapper. You can see more models like this in our semi-auto stretch wrappers category. We also carry this model in a more economical 1000B configuration that does not have the built-in scale, but comes with a loading ramp.

Not sure which wrapping is the right machine for your specific needs? Don't worry, we have a full team of packaging experts that can make specific product recommendations. Give us a call today at 800.826.4405 to take full advantage of our experts, as well as receive 10% off you first order of stretch wrap film when you order any model found in our stretch wrappers department.

Freight is F.O.B. ship point.


  • Full digital display makes operation easy.
  • Powered pre-stretch (250%) allows you to get the most out of your stretch wrap .
  • Automatic Load-Height Sensor (ALHS) helps automate the pallet wrapping process.
  • Bulit-in scale eliminates additional steps & machinery for weighing of pallets.
  • Turntable comes with soft start capabilities.
  • 3 year warranty on parts.


Packaged Weight (lbs) 1350
Operating Weight (lbs) 1100
Manufacturer Berran
Brand Eagle
Manufacturer SKU 1000BWS
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 148521
Warranty 3 years on parts
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Maximum Load Dimensions 55" x 55"
Pre-Stretch Setting 250%
Maximum Load Per Hour 30
Maximum Wrap Height 87"
Turntable Weight Capacity 3,500 lbs
Accessories Configuration With Built-In Scale



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