Little David CAC60 Tape Head Cartridge

  • Little David Part# .CAC60
  • 2 inch tape head
  • High speed design
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New and Improved High Speed Tape Head from Little David!

Please call us at 1-800-826-4405 or Contact Us for ordering. Most carton sealers will require a new mounting bracket for this high speed tape cartridge.

This new .CAC60 Little David Tape Head has many features not found on any other tape cartridge today. The Little David .CAC60 is the first of it's kind to run at an amazing 170 feet per minute, while still cutting / sealing correctly and consistently.

The Little David .CAC60 Tape Head has been designed with advanced features that make it almost maintenance free! A new plastic tape core expands and retracts for all tape core sizes, making it easier to install tape and prevents any damage to the tape core itself. The defining feature of this tape head is the tension bar that applies a constant tension to the tape roll. This eliminates the need to adjust the tension roller, which causes the most problems other tape heads. The .CAC60 also has a locking knife guard and easy swap in and out guide rollers.

If you are unsure if this is the right tape head for your application, please contact our service team for a complete diagnosis and part summary at 1-800-826-4405.

The .CAC60 Little David Tape Head
is compatible with:

This tape head from Little David is the new and improved version of the .CAC50 Little David Tape Cartridge and the.CAC51 Little David Tape Cartridge, which are all part of our complete and IN STOCK selection of Carton Sealer Parts. We offer 3 different versions of this tape head, and they are;

  • New with 3 year warranty (excluding wear items).
  • Rebuilt with all mechanical parts replaced & 1 year warranty (excluding wear items).
  • Refurbished with some parts replaced, but could have used but working parts on it & a 30 day warranty.
**Please call for availability on the refurbished unit before ordering.


Brand Loveshaw
Manufacturer SKU .CAC60
Rocket Part Number (RP#) 114448 - LOV-.CAC60-EA
132684 - LOV-.CAC60-R
133242 - LOV-.CAC60-RFB
Warranty 3 years (excluding wear items)




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