Loveshaw Abal .CAC1500 Tape Cartridge

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The ABAL tape cartridge has been redesigned with a new and improved tape core. It has been made safer with a knife guard and uses the standard tension roller. Little David has fitted this ABAL tape cartridge with the standard 2 inch Fine Tooth Tape Blade but you may also to use another option, like the 2 Inch Coarse Tooth Tape Blade.

Utilizing great engineering design, changing the roll of machine packaging tape is easier and faster than ever.

If you are unsure if this is the right tape head for your application, please contact our service team for a complete diagnosis and part summary at 1-800-826-4405.

NOTICE: This ABAL tape cartridge only fits the Abal side belt uniform carton sealer or any 3M carton sealer.


Manufacturer Loveshaw
Brand Loveshaw
Manufacturer SKU 1500-00-04CH
Rocket Part Number (Sage #) 110950
Warranty 90 days


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